On Wall-E Watch

I’m back!  It has been a crazy week, but I wanted to play catch up…so here is my belated Super Bowl Sunday post.

In case you missed it, Disney/Pixar ran a very cute commercial for their next animation masterpiece, WALL-E, during the Super Bowl:

A long form trailer just hit the internet and it gives you a bit more detail regarding the story… this is one to watch!!!   It is “ET” meets “SHORT CIRCUIT” meets “THE JETSONS.”  So cute.

Did anyone else notice that they are using the same music for the new ABC show, ELI STONE?  Yeah, I know.  I am a freak.

But I am back!!

~ by Calliope on February 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “On Wall-E Watch”

  1. Welcome Back! This is Soooo cute! I love that Buzz and Woody are in spot as well.

    I guess I wasn’t paying attention, when is the movie out?

    BTW, the second video is not working, maybe it’s just me…

  2. Hi! Oops, forgot to include the release date! WALL-E is out June 27, 2008. It is going to be great!

    Note that the link to the second video is fixed. It is the best trailer that they have released so far so check it out!


  3. Oh so cool! If you see me clicking on this a thousand times, it’s because the boys wanted to see it again. My three year old just went to my husband and said “Dad, we just saw WALL-E!”

    The older one thinks it’s hilarious that Buzz and Woody are eating popcorn and watching a movie. 🙂


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