Illuminations on Quantum Leaping

Remarkably, on the weekend of the release of JUMPER – a film that explores a breed of humans with the ability to “leap” or teleport into other places instantly – the much anticipated STAR TREK XI moved from a Christmas 2008 release date to May 2009….boldly moving into the kick-off of the coveted summer blockbuster realm.

For those who had the opportunity to see CLOVERFIELD in theatres, you had the pleasure of seeing the FIRST TEASER TRAILER FOR STAR TREK XI.

For those of you who did not — here you go:

STAR TREK continues to influence the study and development of technologies of today:

  • The Holodeck is emerging in realistic computer games and Internet 2.0
  • Universal Translators are a reality
  • All-Knowing Computers are the subject of AI research
  • Communicator is appearing as hand-held, wireless, location-based communication
  • Big Screens are appearing everywhere
  • Replicator is hinted at in Nanotech research
  • Computers that speak, learn, adapt are in development


After attending a few lectures on Quantum Physics and the feasibility of this phenomenon, this subject has become extremely intesting to me and I have started to do some preliminary research investigating how research is impacting pop culture and the minds of the “creative collective.”In October 2006, a team at the Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark conducted a teleportation experiment involving a microscopic atomic object containing trillions of atoms.  They teleported the information a distance of half a metre.

In June 2007, a team in Brisbane, Australia, proposed a technique that avoids quantum entanglement entirely. While the technique can also transmit quantum information in the beam, the technique itself does not rely on the quantum properties of particles, so the team have dubbed the new method “classical teleportation”.

This technology is in development NOW.  In fact, there is actually a patent that exists TODAY titled only FULL BODY TELEPORTATION SYSTEM.  It is fascinating to know that people are making this their life’s work.

And why not?

First telegraph then telephone then televison.  Now, with wireless technologies carrying data through cyberspace, the teleportation concept is being touted as an ultimate goal for science in the foreseeable future.

While I am still skeptical that I will see this occur successfully in my lifespan, I am constanly amazed by the revelations that are rapidly resulting from the convergence of art, technology, design and science

Truly, human innovation is inspired discovery.

Perhaps the future of “leaping” is truly to be “MIND over MATTER.”

Perhaps we are already there.

Needless to say, those of us who are fans of the ABC television series, LOST – which is also, incidentally, tripping into the realm of quantum physics – will be looking to  STAR TREK XI producer/director J.J. Abrams to ensure that this film illuminates ideas that will inspire us all…

… to explore the possibilities of infinity…and way beyond!

~ by Calliope on February 16, 2008.

One Response to “Illuminations on Quantum Leaping”

  1. It’s all terribly interesting isn’t it?

    Quantum and Quarks and string theory, Oh my! My husband is the resident Sci-Fi fan. I like to sound the Nerd Alert on him, but I am just as guilty when it comes to looking forward to the Science Journal column in the WSJ. It’s so interesting how ideas and theories become reality.

    Are you a fan of the new Battlestar Gallactica?

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