Pineapple Express Yourself

Drugs, cursing, blood, drugs…yup, the guys that brought us KNOCKED UP and SUPERBAD are back with another great dark comedy – PINEAPPLE EXPRESS – that is sure to evoke squeals of “oh no they didn’t!” 

Plus, we will see FREAKS AND GEEKS alumns James Franco and Seth Rogin back in action together.  This is going to be an instant cult classic.

Warning!  The following trailer is for restricted audiences only.  Consider yourselves warned!!  No complaints allowed!! 

Looks awesome!  Like CHEECH AND CHONG meet PULP FICTION.  Am I right?? 

Anyhow, looks like they have the nifty release date of 8-8-08. 

Fruit roll-ups.  Yeah.

~ by Calliope on February 18, 2008.

One Response to “Pineapple Express Yourself”

  1. Holy Crap!!! After reading your post this morning about the 80’s remakes, I was talking to my husband about Freaks and Geeks and how sad we are that they cancelled this fantastic show. I was going to leave you a comment about it and *BAM* here it is! lol

    It’s good to see they guys team up again.

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