Fuglsig Monster Monday

Watching the Academy Awards this evening, I was blown away by…a commercial!  

In fact, I have become an insta-fan of a brilliant director who has been creating some of the most important and memorable commercials of the past 5 years.   

Before I get into what I have learned about the production details and this remarkable young director, here is the commercial appropriately called “Daybreak” for the job board website, Monster.com that inspired my interest:

A former war photographer,  Nicolai Fuglsig is a 35-year-old award winning photographer and documentarian who has established himself as one of the most formidable commercial directors working today. 

You can read a great interview with him here.

Fuglsig’s “Singing Cowboy” commercial for the TRUTH campaign – exposing the hazards of cigarette smoking – was one of the most impactful and the very memorable Sony BRAVIA commercial “Balls” I can only descibe as mesmorizing. 

Here is the “Singing Cowboy” commercial:

Here is the Sony BRAVIA “Balls” commercial:

Not surprisingly, the Directors Guild of America (DGA) awarded Nicolai Fuglsig its 2007 award for “Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials.” 

He was recognized for the epic, domino run of Guinness “Tipping Point,” JC Penney “It’s Magic” and Motorola “Journey”.   All of which were really amazing.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure…


JC Penney:


This one for Coca-Cola is also really great and demonstrates another way that he uses music to create a statement:

I won’t be surprised if “Can’t Stop Monday” wins a 2008 DGA award (and others) as well!

He is reportedly now working on devoting his attention to music videos and motion pictures. 

My suggestion? 

Watch for Nicolai Fuglsig. 

He is a great talent with a truly visionary approach to advertising and the moving image.

~ by Calliope on February 25, 2008.

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