Live the Life

For those of you who actually read this blog, I am writing to announce the official end of my hiatus. 

For a few months, I think that I lost sight of my Muse and allowed the day-to-day allow me to be uninspired. 

But the good news is – I am over it.  At least for now.

It took me rediscovering COLDPLAY – thanks (and I hate to admit it) to Apple and their new iTunes commercial featuring the single “Viva la Vida” from their fourth album release “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends”…

Literally meaning “Live the Life,” Viva la Vida” takes its name from the famous painting by 20th Century artist Frida Kahlo (pictured above).  Coldplay’s song is clearly inspired…and it was just what I needed to break my creative dry spell.

Check out the commercial here:

So returns my Muse.

For those of you with iPods, you can download the full length tune by clicking here.


~ by Calliope on May 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Live the Life”

  1. Welcome back, Gwinny. 🙂 We’ve missed you.

  2. I was wondering where the hell you have been. 😀 Glad to see you back!

  3. I LOVE that commercial.. glad to get some more info about it. Welcome back!!

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