Comic-Con Update #1

I’m Baaaa-AAAAK!

One again, I have made my trek (no pun intended…or implied…or…eh, whatever) down to San Diego for my all-time favorite trade show  -COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL.

Because I am here all week, I had an opportunity to visit the Wednesday Preview night of the show and took the opportunity to scope out the booths and locate all of my target destinations for the week.  Yes, I am a geek.

In addition to doing some SERIOUS hiking around the show floor today, I attended the both the FOX and Summit Entertainment panels.

I’ll write a comprehensive review about my opinions of what I saw today, but here are a list of panels that I watched today:

WOLVERINE (Hugh Jackman made an impromptu visit to everyone’s surprise!)

…and of course TWILIGHT – which I was really looking forward to as previously posted.

Turns out I am not alone in my excitement – there were 6,500 screaming fans waiting for hours in line to get in to see the panel!

Check out the response that the author, Stephenie Meyer, and the cast received as they announced the TWILIGHT panel attendees today.

This is a CRAZY group of fans – and very exciting!  Harry Potter has nothing on the “Twilighters!”

More on this to come later this weekend!!  I am bringing my camera tomorrow hopefully!!

Here is G4’s coverage of TWILIGHT:

~ by Calliope on July 25, 2008.

One Response to “Comic-Con Update #1”

  1. I guess I just may HAVE to read those books, when I finish the pile I have to get through right now. It looks like you had a good time at Comic Con.

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