Hypermedia and Stephen King’s “N.”

Interactive technologies like the internet and mobile phones continue to converge with other more “traditional” entertainment media outlets like movies, television, publishing and music.

Welcome to the world of HYPERMEDIA.

Artists of every genre today – musicians, writers, designers, etc. – are clamoring to take advantage of these multi-dimensional channels as a new medium for reaching new audiences…evolving their content to ensure that they are relevant in the future of their respective crafts.

Storyteller Stephen King, his Harley and morbidly funny t-shirt

Storyteller Stephen King and his Harley

Following cue, master storyteller (and apparent motorcycle enthusiast)  Stephen King has offered his latest short story –  “N.” – as a series of 25 graphic video episodes on-line and for mobile phones.

The original series “N.” follows the story of a psychiatrist who falls victim to the same deadly obsession as his patient—an obsession that just might save the world!

Drawn by award-wining comic book artist Alex Maleev, and colored by famed comic book colorist José Villarrubia, the episodes were adapted by Marc Guggenheim, co-creator of the ABC-TV series “Eli Stone” with creative oversight from Stephen King.

The video series is based on King’s only previously unpublished short story from his forthcoming collection “Just After Sunset” (11/11/08), but it’s an original comic-style book adaptation specifically developed and produced for viewing on small screens.

It is Snack Sized Entertainment – only 2 minutes per episode!

The episodes are presented in “pan and scan” format, complete with comic book style graphics, an original score, sound effects and a full cast of voiceovers that includes Emmy and Golden Globe award nominee actor Ben Shenkman.

It is very cinematic – like watching a storyboard come to life!

The first episode became available on July 28th, 2008.  A new episode will be released every weekday until August 29th.  Blocks of five episodes will be released on iTunes each Monday until August 25th.

There are many different ways to experience “N..”

  1. ON-LINE: Watch all of the episodes at www.NisHere.com as they become available
  2. WIDGET: A Widget is available on the NisHere.com site that can be pasted into any social networking site or blog (Note:  I couldn’t get it to work with WordPress.  Alas, alack!).  As each of the episodes become available they will automatically appear in the player.  Just click on the button next to the player that says “Grab this video player…” Click here to preview Widget.
  3. MOBILE: You can watch “N.” on your mobile phone through CBS Mobile partners or via the Mobile Web with your video capable phone. To watch the series, subscribe to Verizon V CAST, AT&T CV or Sprint TV and go to the CBS Mobile folder. You can also type in http://m.cbs.com/n from your phone’s browser.
  4. CBS AUDIENCE NETWORK: “N.” will be available across the web through the CBS Audience Network, through online partners such as AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, Comcast, Joost, Bebo, Netvibes, Sling Media and Veoh as well as websites from CBS’s owned television, radio, and affiliated stations.   Look for the video channel or player and search for “Stephen King’s “N.”
  5. iTunes: You may also download “N.” from iTunes. Blocks of five episodes will be released on iTunes each Monday until August 25th. Purchase each block separately or buy a season pass. Just visit www.itunes.com.

In addition, Marvel has announced that they  will be releasing a comic book miniseries based on “N.” in early 2009!

Intrigued?  Here is Episode One of “N.”

Watch them all on-line here:  www.NisHere.com

* * *


Even more interesting is the HYPERMEDIA work that Composer/Storyteller/Artist/Performer Robert Roxby has created with THE DANVERS PROPHECIES.

Yes, he really does it all himself!

Image from 'The Danvers Prophecies' by Robert Roxby

The Danvers Prophecies

Click here to visit his site for more information.

There is no limit to what we can do when we are inspired!



~ by Calliope on August 14, 2008.

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  1. I don’t have time to visit the websites now, but I definitely will check out Robert’s. He is such a multi-talented person.

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