Birthday in Forks, WA

September 13th (the fictional birthday of Bella Swan, the main character in the TWILIGHT saga) is now officially known as “Stephenie Meyer Day” in Forks, Washington.

Meyer’s TWILIGHT books have brought a new influx of attention to the small, foggy town of Forks in Northern Washington… and this year, more than 1,000 visitors reportedly flocked to the town for the day to celebrate!

The town planned many cool activities…and it was a FULL MOON!  🙂

For those of you who are also obsessed with the TWILIGHT books (or just aware of and/or curious about my recent vacation adventure), I decided to post pictures from my birthday (not telling which one!) travels through Forks, LaPush, Port Angeles and Seattle, Washington.

Since my birthday was September 15th, it was like a great big party and I met some REALLY great people along the way.

Below is a slideshow of my trip.

**Disclaimer** Please note that since there are a lot of images, I have them going pretty fast…and the song loops a little more than twice (but it is a great song – “Clocks” by Coldplay and worth listening to more than once in my humble opinion!).  Excuse any typos – I was typing FAST!

You can also view it here without the music. 

The first round of pictures is all Forks and LaPush and the second round will take you from the Hoh Rain Forest to some extraordinary sights in Port Angeles and Seattle.

Here is some local coverage from the Peninsula Daily News (a local paper).

Forks’ Chamber of Commerce also posted the agenda for the day on their website here.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!! I know I enjoyed taking them!

More updates to come from me in the next few weeks now that I am back from my hiatus (again).



~ by Calliope on September 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “Birthday in Forks, WA”

  1. I would like to make a trip to Seattle now.
    You go girl.

  2. hey! I loved those pictures…nice to have a picture to think about as I continue my Twilight series!


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