THR: Spotlight on Twilight

When I went to the little store in my office building this afternoon, a familiar “stupid, shiny Volvo owner” face was beaming at me from the magazine rack…

That’s right – Edward Cullen (of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga) was staring out at me and the headline read “Twilight Dawns!”

I am a geek so I bought it immediately.  You see that Marketing folks???  Twilight sells!!

This week, The Hollywood Reporter analyzes Summit Entertainment’s marketing strategy for ‘Twilight’ and how they intend to reach more than their latent Teen girl reader fanbase…

The article mentions how they are leveraging the “Twilight Moms” phenomenon and playing up the action sequences with the movie adaptations.  This is evident in the so-far-released trailers (see my previous blogs on this subject) and will likely be a core element of the next trailer dropping TOMORROW, October 9, 2008.

Check out the article here.

Also, Twilighters, the new trailer (just in case you didn’t know) debuts on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow – so to get the first look on Thursday evening, program your Tivo NOW….or get thee to a movie theatre this week to see what’s up.

(I’ll also blog about it tomorrow, of course!)

Incidentally the new one sheet for the movie was released this week and it is kind of odd looking….I preferred the original, but it is REALLY hard to make Robert Pattinson as Edward look bad.

Just one other thought on The Hollywood Reporter article and others that call this the next potential Harry Potter….

In this fan’s opinion (and yes, please do take into consideration that I am a super *FAN*), this is going to be much more than the next Harry Potter (at lease pre-Deathly Hallows which could be a game changer).

I believe that the Twilight movie (not the books, guys!) is going to be The Lost Boys meets Say Anything meets Romeo and Juliet (which I will remind you, had plenty of fight scenes as well)…and that covers just about everyone (in my rolodex at least!) in regards to genres.

Check out the article on Summit Entertainment’s strategy and then mark your calendars for November 21, 2008 and decide for yourselves!


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~ by Calliope on October 9, 2008.

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