New Moon Trailer

Although this is a delayed posting, I couldn’t resist sharing the amazing new trailer for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON!

Enjoy Twi-Friends!


~ by Calliope on June 6, 2009.

5 Responses to “New Moon Trailer”

  1. I mean, wow. Taylor Lautner really beefed up for this one :o) HAWT little werewolf.

  2. Hel-lo Jacob!! I heard rumors that Taylor has been training Robert for the next movie. You can’t deny that hot bod. While I’m strictly Team Edward when it comes to the book, I find myself straying to Team Jacob for the movie. The crazy makeuep and STUPID lipstick they make Edward wear is so distracting!

    • Yeah…but the fact that Pattinson is still hot regardless of the caked on kabuki makeup is a testament to his out-of-this-world looks! ;-D Can’t wait to see the vamp and wolf action!!! Looks like they at LEAST got the special effects fixed this round…LOL

  3. Thanks for the early peek at the trailer. It looks great. It looks like Jacob did grow up in this movie! Can’t wait for the film!

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