New Moon Looking Bright!

new moon image

Can’t resist posting this for those who haven’t already checked it out.

Chris Weitz (are you listening??), I hope you have done the Twi-Hards proud and crafted this much anticipated sequel with more sensitivity to maintaining the magic of the book (something that was sorely lacking in the adaptation of TWILIGHT).

No pressure.

From the looks of the new trailer and the clip below, melodrama and all, this does not look like it will disappoint!!

And, of course, this little teaser that was released just following Comic-Con is just a taste of what is to come…

WOW. Those are some foxy wolves! (yeah, I said it….so??)

Don’t worry, I am still and forever will be TEAM EDWARD.

~Calliope (geeking out with pride)

~ by Calliope on August 19, 2009.

One Response to “New Moon Looking Bright!”

  1. Can’t wait. I think when I finish the book I am currently reading, I will re-read New Moon.

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