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Jennifer Sullivan, President of memBrain Licensing, is an award-winning licensing, marketing and brand strategist responsible for developing licensing and integrated marketing campaigns for a wide range of companies – from niche, emerging brands to the world’s largest retail, entertainment, technology and packaged goods companies. With over a decade of experience in promotional marketing and strategic alliances, Jennifer’s clients have included some of the world’s largest brands including McDonald’s, Burger King, Kellogg’s, Vivendi Universal Games, Kraft Foods, Apple, Toys “R” Us and several others. Recognized for her ability to seamlessly connect the dots in high impact ways for companies like 20th Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Microsoft, NFL, Viacom, LucasFilm, Universal Studios and many more, Jennifer has helped her partners to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and a limitless amount of social currency. In 2008, Jennifer co-founded a boutique licensing firm based in Los Angeles representing a wide range of brands including Paul Frank Industries, Emily the Strange, birdie, Sony Music Nashville and several others. Jennifer’s work on the Paul Frank brand resulted in the procurement of 85+ licensees in under 2 years, effective activation of its social media networks,placement into Target Stores nationwide and two (2) LIMA Licensing Excellence Awards in 2010. Today, Jennifer serves as President of memBrain Licensing, LLC, a global agency offering licensing and business strategy services for a select group of entertainment, art, music and cause related brands. Jennifer is a frequent panelist and speaker for several organizations and is an active member of Women in Toys, Women in Technology International, LIMA and Step Up Women’s Network.

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  1. 🙂

  2. ahh Im from Baldwin. Thanks! The biz is totally an obsession, Im online as we speak trying to find better prices for hollow eyeliner pencils so I can make eyeliner.

    sigh, this is my exciting life…

  3. Croc Roc is based on animated characters, with Croc being a legend making a comeback with the help of his friends in “Tunesville” branding/licensing/new media, Croc Roc Academy of Arts and Sciences is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit foundation to give children of all ages the opportunity to fulfill their goals and dreams in music and arts. I have info on both organizations that I believe you will enjoy reading through. I licensed the the rights to the foundation (name, logo and characters) to give us cross promotion which also allows us to develop both entities at once, since Suzie is re-submitting all the grant proposals (after this financial crisis) I have been actively meeting with various groups for investing/donations. I am developing all these areas on my own with little funds and the people that you see working with us are willing to join forces (pro bono), because they see the potential of where and what the company and foundation can
    accomplish. I have been very careful, of who I do business with, there is major studio interest in working with us but, as I have said they want it all without much in return. We need to form a partnership with someone with power that will work with us to take the characters to the next level so, then we can negotiate with those in the industry and other branding/marketing potential. I have met with the animators that worked (4) Walt and they stated, “these are the best characters we have seen in thirty years and do not sell out, you will find the right group that will believe in what you are working hard to accomplish”. I look forward to hearing from you, it is a big undertaking in the beginning but, the payoff could be enormous for all of us as we develop the characters in the many vast venues. It would be great to work with you and those who see the dream, to develop and grow with us in bringing the Croc Roc characters to life. Best, Chuck (Further info available upon request.) Have a “Kabuki Day!”

    “The Notes have Eyes to the Colours on Canvas of our Dreams” Chuck Wood

    Chuck Wood

    Croc Roc Academy of Arts and Sciences

    310 N. Westlake Blvd., #260

    Westlake Village, Ca 91362


    (818) 597-8832

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    Congratulations on all your success! You are an inspiration to women.
    Our website is allgirlskatejam.com
    Grassroots girls skateboarding brand since 1997.

    • Thank you Patty!! I appreciate your support and thanks for reading my blog. My New Year’s resolution is to contribute to it more regularly.



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