Watching Hayley’s Comet

•July 6, 2010 • 1 Comment

Hello everyone and apologies for the hiatus.

In lieu of posting a typical “find” this month, I am posting the latest videos from Paramore and their inspiring lead singer, Hayley Williams.   Venturing outside of her pop punk comfort zone, Williams has a series of new videos that showcase her vocal prowess beautifully – a ballad, an a capella cover of a Lady Gaga song and even a hip-hop vocal – and set her apart as an artist with some staying power.

Hayley is certainly having a career to watch – and has found her Tipping Point –  breaking through any labels for what she represents as an artist.

Looking forward to hearing more!

Happy (Belated) Independence Day!


Kitchen Music with Amanda Palmer

•April 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

Amanda F'ing Palmer - Photo credit: Gabrielle Motola/AFP/Getty Images

Probably one of the most fun “music videos” I’ve seen in a long time (note: not suitable for young children or those who don’t like swear words and freakin’ amazing experimental music using random utensils and seldom-used instruments), check out this clip of the always fabulous Amanda Palmer with sometimes collaborators Jason Webley and Sxip Shirey performing “The Truth” on a recent webcast:

The entire webcast is found here:

Seriously…. Amanda, Jason and Skip:  can I hang out with you guys?

I have a totally rad spatula and can do some mean whisking!  And that’s nothing but the TRUTH!

Sincerely yours,


Avril in Wonderland, Labyrinth

•March 18, 2010 • Leave a Comment

While I have mixed thoughts on Burton’s latest film creation, the revisioning of ALICE IN WONDERLAND in Disney Digital 3-D, I am addicted to the soundtrack by Danny Elfman and the single released by Punk Pop Princess, Avril Lavigne – “Alice (Underground).” Check out the video here!

Tim Burton provides his thoughts on Avril’s interpretation of the story and use of the film’s rich, but dark, imagery here:


Interestingly, I also recently stumbled upon this mashup of the same song set to imagery from Jim Henson’s classic fantasy LABYRINTH (1986)…it works! I hadn’t thought about the similarities until now, but I do kind of wish that Burton’s film offered some of the emotional elements that Henson captured nearly 15 years ago…

Any way you slice it, it is a great song…


~Calliope (in Underland)

And just as an extra…here is a clip of the first track from Elfman’s always genius score for Burton’s ALICE!

Oh, Alice, dear where have you been?
So near, so far or in between?
What have you heard what have you seen?
Alice, Alice, please, Alice!

Oh, tell us are you big or small
To try this one or try them all
Its such a long, long way to fall
Alice, Alice, oh, Alice

How can you know this way not that?
You choose the door you choose the path
Perhaps you should be coming back
Another day, another day..