Motion Fashions

Video Handbag - Louis Vuitton LCD Screen Mini Trunk (VIDEO)Video Handbag - Louis Vuitton LCD Screen Mini Trunk (VIDEO)

This is exciting.  Everything converges today.  Technology and Music.  Technology and Art. Now, Technology and Fashion.

Pictured here is Marc Jacobs (designing for Louis Vuitton) walking down the Spring/Summer 2008 catwalk with a new LCD screen mini trunk playing – the one and only – SpongeBob SquarePants!

“It’s Jacobs’ way of walking the line between creative freedom and commercial innovation.”~Sarah Mower, (elle)

It used to be that your handbag could make a fashion statement. Soon it will be what’s playing on your handbag that will make the statement. 

Fabulous new entrepreneureal business opportunity:  Start collecting advertising dollars for impressions on our walking billboards! 

What is the future of television?  Prada.

~ by Calliope on January 31, 2008.

One Response to “Motion Fashions”

  1. When did Marc Jacobs actually get kinda hot? He’s looking much better with the new haircut.

    Cell phones are electronically personalized, why not bags? Yes, who ever thought of this idea was very clever indeed.

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