Breaking Dawn Marathon

BREAKING DAWN, the fourth book in the TWILIGHT SAGA, went on sale this morning – August 2, 2008 – at 12:01 AM.

By 12:06 AM, I had the book in my bag and was racing home to buckle down for a BREAKING DAWN marathon.

Having read the first three books in five days, I could not wait to rip open the pages of this apparently “final” book in the saga – at least from the point of view of its heroine, Bella.

Early into the book, I realized that this would be the most controversial book in the series.  BREAKING DAWN dares to take this beloved love story into a realm that was much more Grimm’s Fairy Tale than Romeo and Juliet….but I *loved* it!

I have already reviewed plenty of complaints from Twilighters critiquing the bizarre plot lines of BREAKING DAWN as ‘ridiculous.’

I’d venture to guess that those writing that critique simply skimmed through this final book to see if the leaked rumors were true and didn’t take the time to really see the author’s intent in weaving her tale.

The plot lines in BREAKING DAWN are much more gripping and raw than the other three books in the series and the story is certainly flawed, reaching for answers that are too studied at times.  Nevertheless, with mythology much deeper and braver than the other books, the content of BREAKING DAWN is decidedly more adult in nature and our beloved characters are given a “no holds barred” final stage for sharing their story.

Is it all a bit seedy and melodramatic?  Well, yes of course.  It has all of the elements of a classic fairy tale, complete with dark secrets, strange occurrences, miracles and, of course, the Happily Ever After we were all thirsting for.

I do believe that the first book, TWILIGHT, captured Stephenie Meyer’s true talent.  These subsequent books pale in comparison to her original story….but there was more story be told and I am grateful to her for telling it.

This isn’t my favorite book in the series, but I was not disappointed in how the story evolved.  The longest book in the SAGA, it could have been more aptly edited – but then again, it was important to hear Meyer’s vision of how Bella’s evolution should occur…

I won’t let myself believe that it is over, but if it is – I can say that this final segment of the TWILIGHT SAGA was a complex, flawed, but ultimately magical final bow.

More from the author, Stephenie Meyer, can be found on the Barnes and Noble BREAKING DAWN page.

As a sidebar, I was also thrilled to see that she dedicated this book (in part) to one of my favorite bands, MUSE.

Click here for one of my favorite MUSE songs, STARLIGHT

Click here for one of my favorite MUSE songs, STARLIGHT

Which also support my thought that I love this series so much because Stephenie Meyer is certainly a kindred spirit…around my age and with similar interests and inspirations.

While I don’t know that this kind of story or writing style is as compelling for others who are not in this mindset, I am compelled to write that this has been a fantastic experience for me and that Stephenie Meyer is truly a Muse for dreamer souls like mine…


~ by Calliope on August 3, 2008.

One Response to “Breaking Dawn Marathon”

  1. Just a comment on the negative reviews of this book.

    This was a fantastic novel and I was thrilled that Stephenie took the plunge with our beloved characters.

    She made them suffer horrible anguish, but evolved them to be stronger and more certain of their destinies.

    I believe that we will all look back on these negative reactions as the passionate response of fans so obsessed with these artfully created characters and caught up in the mania of the “fanpire” that they could not appreciate the simplicity and beauty of how the stars align at last to bring lovers together in the end.

    This was the “Midsummer Night’s Dream” ending that we were promised and I LOVED it.

    Thank you, Stephenie.

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