Twilight Movie Moves Up!

Bella and Edward of TWILIGHT


Move over Harry….here comes Edward.  3 WEEKS EARLY!

The much anticipated feature film from Summit Entertainment, TWILIGHT, is moving up to release three weeks earlier than anticipated to November 21, 2008.

With the announcement that HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE has been pushed out into 2009, Summit announced today that they will be taking advantage of the opportunity to give this film a Fall release in its wake!  Check out the press release here.

The move allows for TWILIGHT to premiere on more screens than it otherwise would have… and to stay in theaters for a longer time prior to the major holiday season!

Now on to the controversy:


If you frequent YouTube and/or are a Sci-Fi geek like me, you know that the blogosphere is alive with the rivalry between HARRY POTTER and TWILIGHT.  With a similar fan base of young adult Sci-Fi/Adventure fans, both groups are rabidly passionate about their favorite books.

When the release dates for the upcoming movies were so close together, there was a rumble in the making! featured a great review of the phenomenon:

…and continued the dialogue here exposing some of the fan-made videos from YouTube.  Hysterical!

MTV even ventured to ask, “Did HARRY POTTER release date change to avoid TWILIGHT competition?”

Doubtful.  These are definitely two stories that can coexist and thrive.

Hopefully, now that there is a healthy distance between the release dates with TWILIGHT releasing on November 21, 2008 and POTTER landing on July 21, 2009, we can all get along…

Vampires and Wizards in harmony!

Pattinson (TWILIGHT) versus Radcliffe (HARRY POTTER)

~Calliope (of Team EDWARD)

~ by Calliope on August 16, 2008.

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  1. wow i really like twilight and my brother is in to harry potter it causes a lot of fights until i showed him this site

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